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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where Is She?

Oh my goodness! Here I am! It seems and feels I have been hiding underneath a rock for almost five months. Yes, that is how long I have been MIA. As you all may know, I moved to Texas and to move from one state to another it is simply not easy.

                                                   My Miami home

It is so stressful to move from a home where memories are all written on every wall, nook and cranny. The process of packing things that belonged to my son made me cry then and now. Each object has a history and with it tears or tearful laughs. The mental process of moving to the unknown is frightening. When one sees all those tangible memories in boxes, you ask yourselves, "are we doing the right thing?"

It is fair to mention we like Texas very much! I love our new home.The people are very friendly. I love the super markets! And of course, the weather is much different than Miami's; it even snows! As everything in life, it takes time to adjust to the new.

Here is a peek of our new home!

                                                                Entry Hallway

                                                                    My Kitchen

Dining Area

                                                                   Living Area

But of course, I left the best for last!! Before I left Miami, I embarked on a fantastic adventure!! For a very long time I had wanted to go Skydiving!!! My lovely daughter Gigi was my partner in crime! It's one of the best things I have done in life. It was wonderful!!

I loved it!!!!

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