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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Here I Am

Where do I start after being absent for so long? It's like a child that comes home after a long while. I cannot begin to describe motives or else I would never finish and it is not my intention to bore you or sadden you. It's been a very tough year. A year of not knowing what to do next and at the same time being forced to deal with it all, but here I am. For a while, I lost my passion for cooking, baking, inventing and to put it simple, if I would have continued writing on this blog, all posts would have been sad ones. The loss of my son is something so deep that no matter how much I can try to describe it, I never could. It's a magnitude of infinite levels. I've had to dealt with my mother's illness. She has been seconds away from death, yet she is still in this world, even though I doubt she knows. It has been quite an ordeal. It feels like I lost her a while ago, since she no longer knows who I am. Gone are the good conversations or the remember whens. With all this and more, I've tried not to loose myself and here I am, trying to keep whole, because we must always try to maintain whole.

                                                              Tuki Tuki Hearts

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