Patatas Fritas

I dare you to only eat one!  I have an anecdote about patatas fritas and now that I told you, I have to write about it, right?  When I was a little girl I lived in Spain.  Sometimes we think children do not appreciate places, but so many years have passed by and I remember everything so vividly.  Spain is a beautiful country.  It was there,  I discovered different food, art, history, museums, and patatas fritas.  Patatas fritas are potato chips, plain and simple, but not plain and simple in flavor.  There were lots of patata vendors  on the streets. They would fry the patatas right then and there at their stands.  One day I was walking with my mom by Parque El Retiro and a patata vendor said to my mom,"Maja, (good looking) you look like a sack of patatas, but I would eat them all!"  Well, let me just say,  what today is an insult, back then, made us laugh all the way home.  These patatas are delicious and is very difficult not to eat them while in the making.  One thing I must tell you is  when frying patatas, stay close to the pan, as they can burn easily.  This is not the time to call your mother in law to complaint about your husband.

                                                      Patatas Fritas     (Potato Chips)

Ingredients:                                      Yield: Unpredictable

6 potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced    (I sliced mine in the food processor with appropriate blade)

3 cups vegetable oil, approx.

1/4 cup fresh parley, chopped

salt to taste


In medium skillet heat oil at medium high heat.  Test oil before placing potatoes.  Try with one; if it sizzles, it's ready.  Fry them in small batches and place them on plate covered with paper towel to absorb grease.  If patatas stick to each other, just separate with hands.  When all patatas are fried, add salt, parsley and toss.  

Patatas are excellent with beer, good with soda, and fair with water!



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