Addicted To Pinterest?

Hello, dear friends!
Anyone out there addicted to Pinterest?  Oh, oh, I see a lot of hands!! I woke up today at 5AM, reached for my iPad and browsed through interior decor sites.  By 6AM, I wanted to start moving furniture around, but contained myself, did not want to wake the rest of the family.  But, for sure, since I can't move or buy new furniture at the moment, I'll settle changing  things around.  I am known for changing things around often......
Took a pause writing, a big pause.  Some pieces of furniture from family room and living room have reached new destinations.  Everything looks pretty cool.  Next room, the kitchen!  I have so many things and use all of them often, however, I like to see my granite counters free of appliances; only a vase of fresh cut flowers and a stand with the sweets of the day.  Is that possible with all the  cooking and baking?  I've tried many times to place my Kitchen Aid mixer inside the coverts, but taking it out and back in, is quite a job.
My head is always going, thinking of the next project. I want to do so many things, more than I can physically do, but try my best.  Lately, I am very interested in decorated cookies.  This past weekend, I made some for a baby shower, similar to the ones I made for my daughter's baby shower.  These were individually placed in cello bags sealed with pink/white polka dot labels and pink ribbon.  Love making all these things.  I want to thank my daughter, Anelle for helping me with the printing.
I know the pictures are not the best, but my camera is not working.  Took pics with my iPhone.
Usually, when baking for an event, I take pictures in a hurry, because I am pressed for time, so excuse moi.

                                                            Baby Girl Sugar Cookie




                                               In cello bags, labeled, & sealed with pink bow

I've baked so many cupcakes through the years.  Let me show you some of them.  You know, some of these even have a name.
This one is self explanatory: Chocolate Cookies and Cream Cupcake

                                                           THAT'S AMORE

This one is very special to me because is one the first ones I ever baked; it's even printed on my
business card. So pretty and delicious: Strawberry Cupcake

                                                             Strawberry Fields

This one, dulce leche. I've baked it with different batters,  including the brown sugar cake; needless to say, delicious. These are three versions of the Caramello


                                                               made for a baby shower

                                        Halloween theme: Chocolate with buttercream icing

                                            Baked for fund raiser at Katie's school

                                                              Alek's first birthday

                                                                 Vanilla Float

                                                               Coconut Breeze

      Lemon cupcake with lemon curd filling and cream cheese icing        

                                                       Lemonade Stand

                             Baptismal Event. Chocolate with buttercream icing and fondant cross

        These were baked for my daughter's baby shower.
                           Pink vanilla  cupcake with creme brûlée buttercream icing and fondant flower

These were baked for Katie's garden theme birthday.
Vanilla with buttercream icing

One of Mr. Guava's favorites: Why? It's a guava cupcake!
                                                            Taste Of The Island

I hope you have enjoyed my cupcake gallery as much as I enjoyed baking them.


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