Just In Case....We Are Ready!

Hello, dear friends.  How is everyone doing?
Well, according to weather experts, Florida is expecting a huge hurricane in a couple of days. This is something not rare to floridians, as we are threatened by hurricanes frequently.  I understand is something very serious, but the second a hurricane is mentioned, supermarkets and hardware stores get packed immediately; before you know it, canned goods and water are gone. And gasoline stations? The end of the world!  Not to mention, the not so nice people get very aggressive.
Today, I posted this picture in my personal Facebook page, which states:

                                         Just in case.......we are ready

I will like to mention my husband has never been one of those to buy plywood or nails; always stating, "it's not coming, it will dissolve in the gulf!"  Yeah, right!
Thank goodness, now we have hurricane shutters and a generator. But, what I find most interesting is that my house gets very full.  Yes,  people,  dogs,  patio furniture, plants, and did I mention dogs?  I have six canine creatures, my daughter has three, my mother has one.  Please, do the math!!
I cannot end my post without saying, the minute we hear the first wind or the first raindrops, we start eating like beasts!  In case you do not hear from me for two consecutive weeks, either we do not have internet access or the wind blew me to an undisclosed location.
Hurricane Isaac is expected to arrive in three days.  I will try to post before; I have a few recipes which need to be shared.
Hasta la vista, baby.


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