I've Written A Book....

Hello, dear friends:
I've written a book, or maybe I should say, I baked a book.  Yes, for my little darling, Alek, who'll be starting school soon.  I thought it would a good idea , so he would practice his numbers.
I was so anxious wondering how long it would take him to realize it was made out of cookies.
Let me tell you, it took him a fraction of a second!!  He looked at me like saying, "you think I'm dumb, Momma?"

To make this little project, bake your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  Cookie size is 2 1/2 x 4 1/2.  I did not have a cookie cutter that size, so I used the lid of a small tupperware container.   Ribbon holes should be made before baking.  I made mine with a Wilton #12 tip.  Letters and numbers were made in fondant.  The numbers inside were 1 1/2  inches and the ribbon was 10 inches long.  Do not tie the ribbon too tight, this way is easier to turn the pages.  To make it manageable, I made it into three books, or else it would have been too heavy.
I had fun making this book for Alek.  I know the cookies and the letters are not perfect, but my love for him is.  Nothing is more gratifying than his beautiful smile.  Don't you agree?

                                             My darling grandson, Alek, 19 months

                                                          The cover

It's really a trilogy

                                                         The packaging


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