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Hello, my dear ones.
This weekend I made an awesome bread pudding, two, as a matter of fact.  One for my mom and the other for us.  Well, I can only tell you about it, nothing to proof, because I did not take any pictures.  It's practically all gone, so will wait for the next time.  But, today I speak about Pork Fricassee.  Anything with the word fricassee, I assure you it will be delicious. The french word fricassee means fry and broken in pieces; the cooking method is described  as halfway between a sauté and a stew.  This lovely dish  can be made with chicken, pork, or veal just to name a few. It's the first meal I ever made to impress, I was 16 years old.  It has rained cats and dogs since then, but this dish still remains a winner.

                                       Fricase De Cerdo    (Pork Fricassee)

This recipe can be cooked in a pressure cooker, slow cooker, electric skillet, or large casserole pan.  Just remember one thing when cooking meat: LOW & SLOW.

Ingredients:                                              Yield: 4-6 Servings

1/2 cup oil

2 lbs lean pork, cubed medium size

3 potatoes, cubed medium size

1 large onion, diced

1 medium green bell pepper

3 cloves garlic

1/8 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoons salt or to taste

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

2 tablespoons fresh parsley

1/2 cup green olives

1 cup white dry wine

1 cup tomato sauce

2 bay leaves

3/4 cup water


In pan, pour oil and sautee onion, bell pepper, and garlic  until translucent  Add  meat and potatoes, stir  until well combined.  Add the rest of ingredients and combine once again.  Close lid; simmer for approximately 40 minutes or until meat is tender.

Note: time varies depending on method of cooking.

Serve with white rice.

Buen Apetito!


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