A Day In The Life of Moi

 Hello, my darling friends!  How have you been?  So Easter came and went; now getting ready for mother's day postings.  Easter, one of my favorite holidays, but not a very good one this year.  My day started not very well, but got better later in the day due to family visiting.  I missed my darling son deeply.

I want to show you some cupcakes I made for my granddaughter, Katie, who was invited to a Tea Party.  They were lots of fun to do, too!

                                                         Tea Cup Cupcakes

I also made these delicious Chocolate Kahlua cupcakes, dressed in vanilla buttercream, caramel drizzle, and topped with a Ferrero Rocher.  Don't remember how many I ate.  As a matter of fact, I don't want to remember!  I will post the recipe soon.  Until next time, darling friends.

                                                          Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes


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