Show & Tell

Guess what? I did it!  Yes, I have a tattoo on my wrist with Andy's name!
You know, it has given me a little bit of comfort.  I should tell you, I am not the only in the family sporting a tattoo.  The whole family have tattoos in honor of Andy.  I am sure he is looking upon us and saying, " what the heck is going on?  My folks getting inked??!!"
First, let me retract a few years.  When our oldest daughter went away to college, she came home with a tattoo on her back.  My husband did not talk to her for a week!  Now, my husband has what they call a half sleeve.  INCREDIBLE!  Now all we need is a motorcycle!  I was the only one at the tattoo shop reading a Martha Stewart magazine!!!


Anny said…
Rosy, that's wonderful, Andy must be smiling at you and winking at your tattoo!
RosyCooks said…
I am sure he is, Anny! Thinking of doing another one! Love you, my friend and thank you for your comment.

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