Yes, Please!

Hello, my darling friends!  How are you all doing?
Well, my husband and I are planning a little trip to San Francisco, California.  Hopefully, it will do us some good.  I'll tell you all about it when I come back.  One place I am looking forward to visiting is Miette Bakery.  Their  hot milk cake is divine!  Recipe for hot milk cake here.

You cannot imagine how Mother's Day felt this year, but I know Andy was with me, I know he was.  We went to a restaurant which serves all the meat  you can eat.  Yes, braised lamb chops, filet mignon, pork, chicken, and I am sure I am forgetting some,  because I think I lost conscience after the tenth serving!  Waiters keep on coming to your table serving these delicacies and we kept on saying, "Yes, please!  Si, por favor!  Oh, yes, I'll try some of that!"  They also have an amazing salad bar and I figured, well, since I am eating all protein and practically no carbohydrates, I can handle it....When I got up from the chair and saw myself in the mirror, I looked like I was wearing a lifesaver around my waist.  I could hardly walk!  How embarrassing!!!  But, I was not the only one, we all felt the same!  After that sunday, I thought of becoming vegetarian.  I have not had meat since then.

           My daughter Anelle and her beautiful family, my husband and I. Unfortunately, my daughter    Gigi was working  and could not make it.  Note Alek, already tired and with shoes off.

                                                      My husband, little Audrey and me


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