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Hello, dearest friends:
I have some news!  I've incorporated into the work force after twelve years of being at home.  Those twelve years at home, I took care of my son.  Since his passing, it's been very difficult for me to be home all day.  So, more than anything, for my mental stability, I began to work doing marketing for a brokerage firm.  I am not whole, but hanging in there and appreciating the love and support from family and friends.

I wanted to share some cakes and goodies I've made lately.

                         Chocolate ganache cake made to welcome a baby girl

                   Chocolate mint ganache cake made for a small birthday gathering.  By the way, received
                    very good reviews!

                  Vanilla buttercream onesie cake dressed in fondant, made for a baby girl shower.

                            Guess who turned 1!  My granddaughter, Audrey.

                   Cookies made also for Audrey's birthday.  Sugar orange zest.  Delicious!

                   Brownie Bites, also for audrey's birthday                       (for recipe, press here)

        I love baking for no special reason and that was the occasion for these cookies

See you soon, my friends and that is a promise!!


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