Prima Ballerina

Hello dear friends,
Gosh, I can't believe a month has past since my last post, where did it go??!!  Quite a month July was.  It was my son Andy's birthday on the 18th, the first one in 25 years that I do not bake a cake for him.  As we promised when he passed, we celebrated his life with pizza (his favorite food) and beer.  And we shall do so each year on his birthday until the end our days.
Lately my life is not in order.  I feel kind of lost and I need to find myself.  I need time and peace to heal. It feels like I've been on a roller coaster that has not stopped to finalize the ride.

By the way, is there a Prima Ballerina in your life?  There is certainly one in mine and that is my lovely Katie.

                                                 Here is Katie at one of her recitals

           But, this time, these cupcakes were made for another beautiful ballerina on her birthday

I am very proud of this work.  I was inspired by the book Cakes Haute Couture, by Patricia Arribalzaga.

I'll talk to you later, dear friends.


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