You Gotta Love The One You're With

Hello, dear friends!

Lots has happened since my last posting.  Want to know what's up with me?  Well, my daughter and her family moved away to another state, which means I no longer have my little darlings nearby.  The moment I saw them drive away, my heart shattered like a piece of glass.  I guess Skype and FaceTime will have to do for now and thank goodness for that.

On another note, we became empty nested!  Yes, my wildflower moved out:)
So, now I am with whom I started before everyone came along, yes my husband, aka partner in crime.  You know, YOU GOTTA LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH, because if not, how sad would  it be.

Well, enough about my personal life.  Who wants to know about it, anyways??

Last week I made cookies for a bridal shower.  They were shipped overnight via UPS and I have to add something very important, they arrived intact and on time.

Cookies were inspired by the bridal shower invitation.

                                               My wonderful mission was accomplished

So long for now, my lovelies.


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