I Am Still Here!!

Hello, dear friends:
You probably thought I had disappeared from earth, huh? Nah, I am still here and doing the best I can; that is all we can and must do. 

Let's see, where should I start? I will give you a brief summary in one sentence. I took a three month  course in school, lost 25 pounds, visited my grandchildren in Texas, went to a Greek/Cuban (amazing) wedding and made some cakes, cookies and cupcakes in between.

Today is my birthday and though it is not a big deal for me, I did enjoy a nice brunch with my little family, oh, and a mimosa, too!

                                       This birthday cake was made for a writer

                                I love the marble effect. Mixed white fondant with dark brown

                                            This Baptismal cake was made for twins

                                           Baptismal cookies.  I love making cookies!

                                                       Aren't these cute?

I have a friend that always requests the same cake, Tangerine/Cream Cheese Cake. This one was made for Christmas Day.

                                                          Baby Shower Cake

                                                And cupcakes for a football enthusiast


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