Tuki Tuki Baby

Hello my friends,
I have opened a store!! Yes, Tuki Tuki Baby is all about organic hand knits, wooden toys and art. This project has a very profound meaning to me, because my son Andy was the first person I spoke to about this project. He gave me his blessing and simultaneously purchased the domain. I wish the whole world would have met my son. What an unbelievable human being he was!

I am extremely enthusiastic about my store. All the knitting is done with 100% Organic Cotton. The texture of these garments is velvety soft. I am very proud of my knitting team and I can proudly say it is all made in USA. I also carry wooden name trains, puzzles and decor for baby's room. All art and decor is made by my friend Kary, who has an amazing talent.

I have been working on this project for almost a year. It is with great effort that Tuki Tuki Baby has been built and as sales go up, the store will grow as well. One thing I cannot forget to mention is that Tuki Tuki Baby was named after my grandson, Alek, whom I nicknamed Tuki Tuki when he was a baby. Here are a few pics of what Tuki Tuki Baby has to offer.


                                                           Beanie & Booties Set

                        All Beanie & Bootie Sets come in mason jars. I love, love, love mason jars!

                                               Tuki Tuki Art...This is Stephanie and her doll

More Beanie & Booties Sets


                                                                Puppy Love Hats

I love these Beanies with rosettes!

Please, browse, shop and share the good news! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at tukitukibaby@gmail.com


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