Hi, I am Rosy Basoa, founder of Rosy Cooks! This is a place where I share recipes, life and everything in between. You'll probably want to know a little about me, so sit down and grab a cup of coffee.
 I am very passionate about baking and always challenged to try new ideas in the kitchen.

I am the proud owner of Tuki Tuki Baby, a brand I am building from the ground up. It's not easy, but with lots of love and perseverance, I will reach the stars one day.

Facts about me:

I am a Netflix binger
I love cupcakes and cakes more than I should
I have been cooking for one hundred years
I sing to my dogs
I would love to some day own a farm

Thank you for stopping by! Please, follow me on Instagram @tukitukibaby and @rosycooks


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