Happy Birthday, Anelle!

Hi, dear friends.  Today is my daughter's 31 birthday!
Anelle, whom I named after one of my childhood dolls, is my firstborn.  I remember when I first saw her, I could not believe she was mine.  When we brought her home, I sat next to her little crib and starred at her for hours.  I washed all her clothes by hand, ironed her sheets, and she always had  a bow on her hair.  Anelle was a very happy and outgoing child, who loved to dance and  ride her bike fast as a maniac. I would get complaints from her teacher, stating she would disrupt the class by doing the moonwalk, imitating Michael Jackson.  She grew into a sometimes mischievous teenager, followed by  a wonderful young woman.
I am very proud of Anelle; yes, because she is a good woman, yes, because she has a doctorate in medicine, but mostly, because she is a wonderful mother to my three grandchildren.
Of course, for her, a red velvet cheesecake.

Note: I only ironed crib sheets for my first offspring; the two that followed, slept in comfy wrinkly ones!!
Recipe for red velvet cheesecake coming in the next few days.

                                                      Anelle and daughter, Katie


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