Happy Easter!

Hello, dear friends.
Easter Sunday is around the corner; definitely, one of my favorite holidays.  I doubt this year, I'll make an Easter brunch, but most definitely there will be abundant goodies for the children.
I want to share with you these Easter eggs and cupcakes, all cute and delicious.  The eggs are really brownies wrapped with fondant and for the cupcakes you can make your favorite spring topper.

                                                 Easter Eggs  (brownies covered with fondant)

Bake your favorite brownie recipe.   If you prefer to purchase a store brand,  I like Ghirardelli brand (comes with fudge pouch.)  Follow recipe instructions.  Once baked and cooled, add fudge, mix well with fork until well incorporated.  Make shaped eggs, place over cookie sheet lined with  parchment paper, and freeze for about 2 hours.  Meanwhile, make little designs for eggs and put aside.  Take eggs out of freezer and begin covering with pastel color fondant.  I'll admit, covering the eggs is not the easiest, but after the second egg, you will become a pro.  They look lovely and taste delicious.

                                   Easter Cupcakes With Fondant Toppers


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